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About Reflect Company

Reflect was Established in Erbil, the capital of the of Kurdistan region of Iraq in 2011,

by Mr. Lawand Kamala, focusing for the past several years on the Advertising & Printing.
Our business activities are not limited to the borders of the region only, we also reach

other areas of Iraq to show when we are capable of in areas of Advertising & Printing.
Our focus in this area of business opens up a variety of opportunities to show the

customer the dedication and the quality of what we do, satisfying the customer is the major
goal of our business and our work can disclose that. We believe in building a bridge of trust

with any customer and make everybody feel special.
We have presented our services to different type'scustomers including governmental and

non governmental organizations, as well as individuals We will be presenting within the next pages the services and the offers we have presented.




Turkey, Istanbul,FindiZada, Millet Cd.

T.: +90 537 951 77 77
G.: +90 537 951 77 77